What every business owner should know about getting faster sales and bigger profits online in 2020

đź’°When notorious bank robber Will Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he said, “Because that’s where themoney is.” Where is the money online?
If your business isn’t consistently increasing sales, profits and cash-flow every year, this is the best news you’ll hear today.

In the last 12 years, two of my businesses failed miserably. Here’s what I learned and why my current companies(Ecommerce, Info-products, and Business Services) are prospering.

đź’°Lesson 1: Converting A Cold Audience Of Strangers Into Customers Online

One strategy is to start by giving something before you ask.

The second way is to show proof of results that show your product is the right fit, does what you say it does, and has been used by others just like your prospects.

I recently taught over 500+ case studies and testimonials of business owners how risk reversal, free plus shipping offers, contests, surveys, and quizzes to start the relationship with a cold audience.

đź’°Lesson 2: The Best Ways To Get Buyer Traffic

Most business owners do not know exactly who their ideal customer is and how to get faster sales and bigger profits daily.

In terms of traffic, I’ve tested online ads(Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc), Print ads, joint ventures, affiliates, podcasts, SEO, blogging, etc.

The top traffic sources have consistently been
Direct response online ads(Facebook + Youtube), Partnerships like affiliates and joint ventures, Outbound sales, and Appearances such as speaking engagements and being interviewed on podcasts.

đź’°Lesson 3: The ONE Thing That Stops Most Customers From Buying From Online Ads

Everyone has doubts. This is why effective marketing focuses on saying exactly what your prospects need to hear and showing her what she needs to see to become a customer.

Social media is for pre-selling even before the person gets to your website. This is where your money is. I’ll explain my process for ‘dissolving the doubters’ in the guide.

đź’°Lesson 4: The Most Effective Way To double profits each month on repeat without adding any extra overhead

This means you don’t need a huge list, a beautiful Instagram feed or thousands of followers to get faster sales and bigger profits. Let this free guide hold your hand and solve that problem for you.

Hosted by: Jeffrey Manu, Founder of FounderClick

PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES: How to use ads to increase your visibility and conversions in your business!

FIND YOUR AUDIENCE: How to find your ideal customers on social media; get in front of them and give them the option to act on your offer.
AUTO-PAID: How to use ads in your funnel to create new leads and sales.. without worrying about how you’re going to reach your sales goals.
AD VALUE: The fool-proof plan on how to use ads to convey your message an get your audience interested.
AD SELL: How to craft highly effective campaigns, from copy to image, that resonate with your audience!

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